Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Another Castle Visit

I want to share a few pictures from another castle we visited on Dec. 1st.  This was the best castle we have been to so far.  This is Cardiff Castle in Wales.  Our kids loved exploring the castle grounds.  They asked lots of questions, and it was a real learning experience for us all.  This castle had a "Family Trail" for the kids to look for certain things as we walked around the castle house.  We are trying to enjoy these unique experiences while we are here. 

Walking in Cardiff, Wales.  Shopping and restaurants to the left and a castle to the right. 
Not something you see everyday.

Cardiff Castle entrance

Entering the grounds

Hee hee

The house...truly amazing in person

Walking up to Norman Keep

Looking out over the moat

View from above 

I really was there too!

The dining room inside the house
The ceilings were incredibly ornate in every room.

Eric was explaining how the catapult worked

Having fun with a little dress up

Perfect for our Christmas card