Tuesday, 12 March 2013

One Year Check Up with No Pediatrician

Here in England, you do not see a pediatrician.  The entire family is assigned a general practitioner.  Cora was checked by a doctor once at 6 weeks, and she has only seen a doctor a few other times due to an unending diaper rash and sickness.  The "health visitors" here take care of developmental checks for babies and children.  So, instead of our one-stop appointment at the pediatrician, we had 3 separate occasions to cover all that would take place at the one year check up.

1. Getting weighed: I took her to a "Crafty Tuesday" play session in the town hall where 2 health visitors set up to check and weigh babies on a first come first serve basis.  She loved seeing all of the other babies and playing with the toys.  She's also really into the songs they sing at the end.  It's not a bad idea if you have an hour and a half to spare (by the time you park and wait your turn).

She weighed 20lbs. 1oz. which puts her just above 50% for weight.

In the town hall playing while we wait her turn to be weighed

Taking blocks in and out of the truck is fun!

They have tables set up with puzzles, books, playdough and various crafts.

The entire wall of the room is packed with pushchairs (strollers).  Most people walk everywhere.  You can see they just pop on the raincover and go.

2. Getting Shots: We receive a letter in the mail every time she is due for immunizations (which they call "jabs").  They give immunizations on Mondays at the surgery (doctor's office).  The appointment time is given to you in the letter.  Thank goodness I am not a working mother right now.  They really move the babies through on Mondays.  They have one doctor who has a very quick chat with you about the jabs, and then the nurses quickly do the damage.  They open the door for you to exit as the baby is just catching her breath from screaming.  I don't know any of the doctor's names since we always see a different one.  I miss having that relationship with a pediatrician who knows you and your children.  

Oh, and we carry this "Red Book" with us to all appointments.  They document her immunizations, growth charts and routine visits in here.  Her immunizations are kept on file in the computer at the doctor's office as well.



3. Developmental Check: Our health visitor made a house visit to see how Cora is doing developmentally.  We discussed eating, sleeping and several developmental milestones.  She was very impressed with Cora's ability to kick a ball, follow it and kick it again.  We think she got some of the soccer genes from Grandpa Trost!  Cora is doing very well in all areas.  She is saying about 20 words and beginning to take steps.  The health visitor could have weighed her at our house, but I already had her weighed the week before her birthday.  The health visitor wrote down a few notes in Cora's red book and was on her way.  She did not physically check anything on Cora's body.  Clothing was kept on at all times.  It was just a very different experience from our pediatrician check ups in the states.  

No one measures the length of babies here, so we did that ourselves.  Cora was 28.5" long, which puts her just above 25% for height. We are just so blessed Cora is a healthy baby.  We couldn't ask for anything more.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cora's First Birthday!

It is SO hard to believe our sweet Cora is turning ONE!  It seems like just yesterday I was rushing off to the the Birthing Centre to have her.  I remember how shocked I was to be home on my couch with my new baby girl in my arms just 5 hours after she was born.  Now, and entire year has gone by so quickly.

What a first year it has been for Cora too.  She vacationed in London, Paris and Wales.  She flew on 4 international flights to the U.S. and back.  She went to Missouri, South Carolina and spent one night in Georgia.  Cora traveled on a double decker bus, a packet boat and a train through the Chunnel.  She has a picture next to Big Ben and she went up in the Eiffel Tower.  She attended a gold medal Olympic soccer game in London.  We think she is going to be a traveler when she grows up.  Not bad for your first year!

Cora is still our chilled and patient child.  She adores her big brother and sister!  She is taking steps and into everything.  She loves music, and she starts to dance as soon as she hears a song.  She is crazy about books, and I often find her looking at books on her own.  Cora uses signs for some words, and she has about 20 words in her vocabulary.  Of course we think she is brilliant and SO adorable!

Usually for a first birthday, we have a big party with 30-40 people.  Cora's first birthday was just the five of us.  She received many calls, cards and gifts.  I still decorated the house and made her a cake.  I was going to have her wear the party hat and shirt I made for Amelia when she turned one, but I decided to make Cora her very own hat and shirt.  I also made her a matching tutu.  It was hard to catch her smiles, but she was a very happy birthday girl.  Here are some pictures from her big day...

 She would not keep the hat on for more than a few seconds. :)

Ok, you won't sit on the couch...

Let's try the floor

Opening gifts

Amelia and Dylan with the birthday girl and 
her new Juicy sweatsuit from Uncle Tim and Aunt Paola!

I love those blue eyes!

Opening her card from Gigi and Grandpa over and over again

Her double decker bus board for her room

The boys with the birthday girl

She did not want to sit still for anymore pictures.

I enjoy making the cakes for my kids' birthdays.

Cake time

What is going on?

Daddy helped her blow out the candle.  She made her silly scrunched nose face.

Mmmmmm, this is yummy!

  Being one is so much fun!