Monday, 17 June 2013

What Does Your House Look Like?

Wherever life takes you, you have to embrace that culture.  You have to make it your HOME for the time you live there.  We were very fortunate to find a lovely house to make our HOME here in England for the past year and a half.  Many people picture us living in an attached, 2 bedroom flat in London with a tiny kitchen.  We actually live in a detached, 4 bedroom house in a neighborhood.  We have a long driveway, which is unusual in England.  We also have a good-sized "garden" (yard).  The rooms are all a decent size, and we have three "loos" (bathrooms).  Here are some long overdue BEFORE and AFTER pictures of our house...

Pulling into our long driveway
Fence to the left is a neighbor's backyard.  Brick wall to the right is two neighbors' backyards.  They like to build the houses very close to each other here.

Downstairs window is the formal dining room which we made a playroom.
The large window upstairs is Dylan's room.
The small window upstairs is Cora's room.

 Our backyard...playing soccer with Grandpa Trost and Ben


We took these doors down as well as the door into the family room.

 Family Room


Downstairs Bathroom 

 Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom.  Small shower to the left


 Dylan's Room

 Amelia's Room

 Cora's Room

 Upstairs Bathroom
(Notice Eric changed the faucet so the water mixes and comes out of one tap.)
I made the curtains out of a shower curtain.

This house is not perfect.  It is not huge, and it does not have a great deal of storage.  We found that we did not really need extra space and more things.  We even hosted 4 adults at one time here, and we took turns sitting at the kitchen table for breakfast.  We always made it work, and it did.  In the end, this house was wonderful to us.  I am always a little sad when we pack up and leave a house because of all the memories made there.  But I look forward to returning to the states and OWNING a future home so we can paint the walls, hang shelves and make it our own.

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